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Administrative Support

When you have a business, it’s hard to manage everything by yourself. And you don’t have to. I am here to help with whatever administrative issues that may come up along the way.

Just like with any personal assistant, you can count on me as your virtual assistant to handle some of the most common day-to-day tasks.

  1. Calendar management & scheduling meetings

The most important thing I’ve learned in my experience as a virtual personal assistant is that time management is crucial in business. No matter how busy your schedule is, I will organise it in such a way that you’ll make it to all of your meetings and you won’t forget about any of the appointments from your calendar. If you need somebody reliable to handle your calendar, count on me. I’ve been working as a personal assistant for 10 years now and none of the meetings in my clients’ calendars have been missed. 

  1. Data entry and database maintaining

Nowadays, in the age of connectivity, everything revolves around data. Even smaller business can benefit from a good database that can offer insights on trends, customer behaviour, competition and so on. Therefore, somebody to put in order all the data your company gathers can be of great help. My attention to detail makes me the best person to take care of the data entry for your company. Moreover, my services also include organising data and maintaining databases up to date, by re-checking the information they contain from time to time.

  1. Ordering and taking stock of office supplies

You won’t have to worry about printer paper or how long the coffee beans stock will last for. As a virtual personal assistant, I will handle the stock or all your office supplies, be it the usual ones or more specific ones. I’m a very organised person, so it will be a piece of cake to keep track of all supplies in your inventories and make sure they are filled in before they’re needed.

  1. Negotiations with suppliers

Not only am I organised enough to track supplies stock, but my marketing studies and experience also make me skilled in negotiating. I know how to ask for a discount when a discount is needed and what to highlight in order to get one. So, if you want an assistant that will always do what it takes to get the best offer for your business, count on me. 

  1. Reports preparation

In order for a business to grow, from time to time it needs to stop and analyse its activity. A virtual personal assistant can help organise documents and past data and put it in a cohesive form for a report. I would be more than happy to put my skills in your use for preparing reports, even when deadlines are tight.

  1. Researching and booking travel arrangements

If you’re the kind of businessman that has to travel a lot, you definitely need someone who is fast and responsive and who can book you a flight in no time. My previous experience as a personal assistant means I know my way around airplane companies and airplane search engines. Whenever and wherever you need to travel, let me take care of how you get there in time.

  1. Preparing documents for meetings and business trips

Business meetings and trips are stressful as they are, but even more so when you need to present a lot of documents. Let me, as your virtual assistant, relieve a bit of stress and prepare the documents you need for your meetings. All you have to do is to provide me with a brief of what is needed and I’ll take it from there on.

  1. Social media management

An updated Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram account is essential for building your personal brand or the brand of your business. With me, you can make sure you’ll have a constant and impactful presence on social media, as well as a good communication with customers trying to reach you via social media platforms. We will work together on the online strategy, so that all the online profiles say the same story – a story about professionalism.

If any or all of these services sound good, don’t hesitate to contact me using the button bellow.

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