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Creating To-Do List

When it comes to the work of a personal assistant, virtual or not, everything revolves around to-do list. And such is my case too, as I never start anything without a clear outline of what I have to achieve. When working with me, you can be sure you’ll know exactly what I will deliver and how I will do so.

Usually, my work is split between two to-do lists: my client’s to do list and my very personal to do list.

  1. My client’s to-do list: represents an outline of everything my client has to do on a daily basis, from meetings and presentations to tasks such as giving approval on work from different teammates. As a virtual personal assistant my role is to listen to you, understand your work and, first of all, build your to-do list. It is the building stone of both mine and your activity.

After building your to-do list for a longer period of time, like two-weeks for example, I will take care to split it by different days and send you each day your to-do list. Also, by working with me, I take full responsibility of updating your to-do list as soon as something new comes up, as well as distributing your tasks and meetings across different days, so they don’t overlap.

To-do lists go hand in hand with calendar management, that’s why I will always send you reminders on bigger tasks or deadlines you have to meet. Organising your schedule doesn’t need to be hard. Just contact me and together we can find a way to make all of your tasks fit into it!

  1. My to-do list: represents an outline of everything I have to do in order to meet my client’s expectations (hopefully, you’ll be one of my clients J ). My to-do list is something I develop together with the client, periodically, depending on how much work we do together. After the client tells me what tasks he wants me to handle, I split them into smaller tasks and spread them across a certain period of time. Then I start handling and ticking them off, one by one.

Working this way, in smaller steps, like I like to call it, ensures the task will be completed fully in a certain amount of time and no details will be forgotten. Also, it makes for a easier evaluation process when assessing what went well and what could be improved.

Usually, my to-do list pretty much reflects my client’s to-do list, as I am used to working closely with my clients and helping them along the way in every aspect of their business. The end goal for both our to-do lists is the same: make things run smoothly. I focus on the administrative and organizational part, while my client can focus fully on his business plans.

Of course, as a virtual personal assistant, my to-do list is never empty, but that’s what I love about my job!

If you want me to organise and take care of YOUR to-do list, contact me and I’ll gladly put you as a client on MY to-do list!

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