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Customer Services

Customers are the heart of a business. Take good care of them and things will go smoothly. If you need some extra help in managing all customer relationship areas, I can do it for you, even remotely.

Here is a list of how I can help you in managing customer services.

  1. Processing orders and shipments

As a virtual personal assistant, I will track all orders received and make sure they are followed through, from selecting the products that have to be shipped to the moment the customer receives his order. I am sure my attention to detail will make this process as smooth as possible for the business owners. 

  1. Processing refunds

Customer satisfaction is key for a successful business, even though sometimes this might mean refunds have to be made. Leave it on me to handle refunds with tact, in such a way that will benefit both the customer and the business.

  1. Handling customer inquiries and operating live chat

The person that answers to your customers is, basically, the “face” of your business. It’s how you’re represented to those who make your business work. Therefore, you need someone who’s polite, who learns fast everything that has to know and who can handle stress. These are all skills I’ve acquired during the 10 years I’ve worked as a personal assistant. Let me be the person to answer all the questions your clients have, whether they send them via email, social media, live chat on your website or a conventional letter.

  1. Following up on orders, inquiries and more

Make it run smooth – that’s my motto when it comes to customer services. A follow-up is essential for this. Without it, you might lose customers and nobody wants that. I understand the importance of making sure there are no “loose ends” in communicating with the client and I’ve learned how to be both tactful and persuasive when it comes to closing a deal or getting feedback from clients.

  1. Chasing outstanding payments

I am not afraid of asking for what is mine. And neither for what is yours. However, I know that aggressiveness is never the answer. If you’re in need of a personal assistant that can pick up the phone and kindly, but convincingly ask a client to follow with a payment, I’m the one to do it.

  1. Updating member records

Organising is like second nature to me and I like to keep things in orders – from calendars to member records. Using my services for updating member records, you can make sure you know exactly who is still a client. Also, updated member records mean you’ll know whether a client is getting what’s right for them or you can make a more convenient offer, for both of you.

  1. Creating and managing virtual communities

Let me manage the way you get in touch with customers by taking care of the different membership communities dedicated to your business or related fields of interest. As your virtual personal assistant, I will help you with inviting and approving requests to join a membership community, be it on Facebook or other platforms.

  1. Setting up and updating CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools

Business life is stressful as it is, you don’t need to hassle with a complicated CRM tool. I can make it simple for you by recommending and setting up the CRM tools most suited for your needs. To make it even easier, my services also include regularly updating the CRM tools of your company, so that they’re always up to date and running.

Do you feel like you could use help with customer services for your company?  Then let’s get in touch!

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