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Email Marketing and Email Management

Being online is not just important for business awareness, but it can also be an effective and cost-efficient way of getting in touch with your customers. If you don’t feel like you’re making the most out of your company email marketing, I would be more than happy to assist you in implementing an email marketing strategy for your business and managing all emails. Read below what I can offer support for.

  1. Creating email accounts

Whether your business is just at the beginning and doesn’t yet have an email address associated or you simply want to switch to a new email client, I am the person to do it. Leave it on me to set up your email addresses, be it on Gmail or any other email client.

  1. Day to day email management

With a virtual personal assistant like me, no email remains unanswered. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of emails received in your inbox, you can hire me to manage it, which means:

  • checking email on a regular basis
  • replying to the most common questions
  • flagging the important messages that need a reply
  • forwarding emails and inquiries to other team members that can answer them
  • drafting responses that you can afterwards check through and send
  • following up on sent emails that still need an answer
  • tagging and archiving emails
  • setting up autoresponders when needed (on holidays, for example)
  • tagging and archiving emails
  • unsubscribing from unwanted promotional lists
  • deleting spam
  1. Creating email campaigns

An email campaign is a great way of promoting certain offers or new launches. What’s more, with emails you can make sure you’re promoting your products to those directly interested. But first, there are a couple of steps you have to take to make sure the campaign will be successful. The best part is I can make them for you.

First of all, there’s some email lists scrubbing to be done – meaning I will go through all the email addresses from your databases and make sure they are still relevant and up to date. At the same time with scrubbing, email list segmentation happens – meaning I split the list of customers based on different relevant criteria, such as their interests, location, whether they’re business partners or clients and so on.

After the content of the emails that will be included in the campaigns is ready, the actual scheduling of the campaign happens: making sure the emails will be sent in the right day, at the right hour, to the right people. With good communication and clear goals, I can manage and schedule an email campaign for your business in no time.

  1. Managing the newsletter

My experience as personal assistant has taught me that newsletters are one of the best tools for letting customers know about what’s new. For best results, you need somebody to overview the whole operation – from making sure the newsletter talks about the products in focus to making sure the newsletter content is developed in time to actually delivering the newsletter to clients. A cost-effective solution such as hiring me as your remote personal assistant can work wonders for business that are just starting to use newsletters as a communication channel.

  1. Designing email templates

An important part of a successful email campaign is the email layout: does it convey the message clearly?, does it fit visually with the company identity?. These are all things I know you have to take into consideration when designing an email template and, during the course of my 10-years career as personal assistant I’ve seen how emailing has evolved and I’ve learned continuously on how to improve. And now I can help your company with designing email templates.

  1. Product launch management

The launch of new products is the ultimate goal for most businesses. And when it comes to marketing new launches via email, somebody with experience and extensive knowledge, like me, can make all the difference. If you’re looking for someone to make sure all your clients find out about new launches, I can offer you my support.

  1. Tracking email campaigns

The real beauty of email marketing is that you can closely track it and optimize is, as well as measure its efficiency with precision. As your virtual personal assistant, I will make sure that you will receive reports on the results such as click throughs, conversions or unsubscribes  for every email campaign rolled.

A virtual assistant can do more than just answer phones and set meetings, it can be a vital part of your company’s email management and email marketing. If you’re looking for someone experienced, hit the button bellow and let’s talk.

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