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Finance Support

Finance Support

Why be overwhelmed by all the financial issues you have to take care on a day to day basis when you could count on a virtual personal assistant for finance support?  Given my decade-long experience and my business studies, I am more than skilled to assist you with the following.

  1. Issuing and sending invoices

When things are well organised, accounting becomes easier. That is why I make it my objective to issue correct and on-time invoices to clients and suppliers. I can also take care of sending them for you, so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

  1. Manual Billing

I am not afraid of modern software, but neither of manual billing. As I have been working for 10 years in this field, I know how to do billing the old school way and with a lot of attention to detail.

  1. Issuing refunds

Issuing refunds is not just about organising the finances and making sure the customer receives the money. It can also impact a company’s image like nothing else. Being quick is essential in making a refund work for your business and not hurt it. In the hectic world of running a business, things such as refunds might skip out of sight. That’s why you need me, a virtual personal assistant to overview the whole process of issuing a refund and making sure the client is happy.

  1. Dealing with Chargebacks

If you have a business, I think you will agree that dealing with chargebacks is all about respecting protocols and keeping track of balances – so that you don’t end up with inexplicable minuses in your budget. No matter how well you organise your business flow, chargebacks will happen. Luckily, you can leave it on me. As your virtual personal assistant I have the necessary knowledge to make chargebacks go easy. I’m also very organised, thorough and careful to always update financial states.

  1. Credit Control and Debt collection

It’s not always a pleasure to interact with banks when it comes to credit control or debt collection, but it can be easier if you know how the procedure should go. Don’t burden yourself with this task – I can do it for you.

  1. Data entry to accounting software

I “speak” accounting software fluently. Software such as Wave, QuickBooks and Xero and their interface are nothing new to me. So count on me to be the right hand of your accountant and to take care of data entry in whatever accounting software your company uses.

  1. Generating documents from accounting software

My knowledge of accounting software also includes generating documents of all sorts from the software. Wave, QuickBooks or Xero are more than familiar to me, but if your business uses a different accounting software, I’m more than willing to figure it out. And I’m a fast learner too.

All in all, if you feel like your accountant could use a helping hand with finances for your business, maybe you should consider a virtual personal assistant with good financial knowledge, like me.

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