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Handling The Task

You may wonder how and what tasks a virtual personal assistant can take over. The list is probably longer that you would think and it includes everything from handling administrative tasks to being in charge with company email management or financial day to day to-dos. However, my past experience as a personal assistant has proven me that the approach is similar to all the tasks. Professionalism is the key.

Other than that, there are a few steps I take no matter what I have to do in order to make sure the task is handled properly and will lead to good results.

The first step is clarifying. Clarifying with you, the business owner and the person who contracted my services what are the expected results. Whenever and whatever job I receive, the first step is to read or listen thoroughly what is asked of me and to prepare a short list of questions or observations that can help me be sure we are on the same page. I am a sociable person and I understand that good communication is at the base of a good personal assistant – employer relationship.

After I’ve fully understood the task and set some goals together with you, as my client, I proceed on creating a to do list. Depending on their complexity, some tasks might need a more detailed or thorough plan, while others might just need a bit of planning.

Creating a to do list always starts, for me, with a bit of research on best practices. I always use my previous experience to compare similar situations and see what would work best, also always updating procedures and ways of tackling things to make them more effective. Research for creating a plan also includes researching newest and best software for administrative, financial, emailing tasks and so on. If there’s a new app for searching plane rides, I will know about it, try it and use it if it fits your business needs as my client. If there’s a new trend in email marketing, I’ll learn everything there is to be learned and suggest it as a solution. With me as a virtual assistant, you can be sure you’ll receive a mix of experience and openness to new.

The third step is to always keep you up to date with the to do list and what I will do to take care of a certain task. Your feedback is very important to me and I’m always open to getting your input.

Finally, it’s time for implementation. The magic starts happening. It might seem there was a lot of preparation before but, again, some of the tasks I can offer support for are more complex than other. For simpler tasks such as managing your calendar, all of the preliminary discussions and settling on what we should do can happen over a phone call.

When I’m handling a task, I always make sure to follow the steps we agreed on and improvise only when the situation asks for it. With me, you can expect all the tasks to be handled professionally and on time – I’m not a slacker and I know deadlines are important.

Last but not least, I’m always there for evaluation. Whether it’s a short-term or long-term project, I know how important it is to make sure we’re on the right track and that the solutions I’m offering are the most effective for you. So always expect me to ask “how do you think it has been going so far?”.

All in all, this would be a walkthrough on how I handle any task I’m given. If you would like to know more or give you an example on a specific task, just contact me!

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