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Scheduling meetings is a big part of my work as a virtual personal assistant. It seems like something anybody can do, but if you want a flawless process – no mistakes, no “ups, I forgot” – you need an experienced professional like me.

Whether we’re talking about a real life meeting or a virtual meeting – like a phone conference or a Skype video call – I will take care of all the details. From negotiating a day and hour that works with both parts’ schedules to writing it down, then sending reminders,  taking care of technicalities when setting up the call (for phone or Skype) and even making sure there will be some snacks during the meeting – it’s all on me. I also have experience with scheduling meetings involving a larger number of persons and I know how to tackle the difficulties that might appear in the process.

Moreover, I like to think of the personal assistant as a businessman’s right hand. So if you need my help in delivering any materials to the meeting – be it presentations, reports or other documents – I will make sure not just to remind you about them. I will prepare them for you and, if I’m joining the meeting, I take it upon me to pay attention to what’s being discussed, collect feedback on our work and then neatly organise it.

Creating an outline of what happened during a meeting is more important than it can appear. Because what’s the use of a meeting if there aren’t any conclusions? Count on me to not miss anything that’s important! You’ll receive it afterwards in a clear, easy to read document, in your email inbox or whatever other medium you prefer.

In my 10-years’ experience as a personal assistant I’ve learned to filter through heaps of information and focus just on what’s important. Therefore, I understand the importance of not missing on feedback and following through with it quickly. That’s why my after-meeting reports always include the feedback and other suggestions received. I like to think of myself as being proactive – if there is some feedback I can help with straight away, I will do it. My after-meeting follow up includes applying feedback such as re-formatting documents, preparing new documents (including the process of asking the most competent team member to prepare them) and even making some very specific improvements in what was presented.

To conclusion, if you find yourself struggling to remember all the meetings you have to be in or you’re constantly on the run from one place to another, maybe you should consider getting a professional to take care of your meetings schedule. In my extensive career as a personal assistant I became used to managing other people’s schedules effectively, I’ve learned how to tell which meeting is more important than the other and to prioritize, to pay attention to the smaller administrative details and to make sure there is follow up after each meeting.

The best test on how I schedule meetings is by actually scheduling a meeting with me, to find out more about what I can to for you! So don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in having a virtual personal assistant.

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