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Are you afraid to set-up a new business? Take these simply steps and change your life!

Are you planning to start a small business on your own and you are too confused and puzzled what to do? Are you confused that whether your education background will be a hurdle to your business? There is no limit to start a small business on your own. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you can become a great entrepreneur by implementing your idea and turning it into a great business.

Below I will provide all the simple steps that you need to take to start your small business.

  1. Assess yourself

You need to ask yourself the most basic questions to evaluate yourself properly. What is your main motive to start your business? Use the below questions to assess yourself properly.

  • What set of skills you have?
  • What is your passion in life?
  • Figure out your area of expertise
  • Do you have enough money to start your business?
  • How much money you will need to start your business?
  • Are you mentally prepared to be an entrepreneur?

Just be honest to yourself, to figure out yourself. Your goal, ambition, passion to understand who you really are. Are you fully prepared to take the step both mentally and physically? These basic questions will create a perfect base for you to push yourself moving forward towards your goal.

  1. Know your business idea

Are you sure you have a great business idea prepared? If so, well that’s great!! If not follow the points below to figure out your business idea.

  • Question yourself what is coming next. Which technology or business model you need to know to polish your idea. Can you push yourself ahead of other competitive business ideas?
  • Fix a problem that bothers you. It’s definitely a great opportunity to solve a problem in society that has been bothering you for quite a long time. If it bothered you, then it bothered other people as well. So, if you can think of a great idea behind this type of problem then it’s worth it. All your consumers would be grateful to you.
  • Introduce your skill set to a totally new track. Most of the people in the field of business follow a certain rule that has always been followed by the people on the same track. You can introduce your new ideas to the track which will bring a noticeable difference that others can see it as well.
  • Use a reasonable, improved and economical approach. If you have a completely new business idea which will bring a much reasonable, improved and economical solution to the current problem than go for it.

You can also carry out a survey and take peoples opinion. This will give you better data and a new approach to your business idea.

  1. Market research

Doing market research is important to figure out how your idea will turn out to society. You should start your research by figuring out your potential competitors, partners within the market. You can start your research both online and physical or you could hire a Virtual Assistant to help you out.


Feedbacks from customers are quite crucial for small business. You need customers to interact with your product or services and understand their opinions. Their feedback might help you to improve your product in a way you have never thought of.

Just follow the steps below to handle the feedbacks properly.

  • Don’t race your mind when you go through the feedbacks. Calm down and slowly process the feedback in your mind. It will be handy for you later.
  • Even if you receive negative feedback just be polite. The customer might be amazed, and he/she might refer more customers to you. Your behavior could lead to more potential customers.
  • If someone is not liking your idea, don’t be disheartened. Instead keep on asking questions to the customers, what they might prefer. Maybe it will help you to come up to a better solution than what you have designed.
  • If you keep hearing similar feedback from several customers, don’t panic. Try to find out a similar pattern that your customers are trying to tell you.
  • Whenever a customer is giving you feedback be attentive and curious to keep the conversation livelier.
  • Keep asking questions to your customers. They might give you a better solution to your product that you have been looking for
  1. Make your business official

 Sort out all the requirements that are required to start a small business. Make a quick checklist and go through it. Filing up paperwork for your business will require money as well. The cost may vary on the location where you might set up the office.

  1. Look for finance

 To start your small business, you need investors. Follow the below points to finance your business according to your circumstances.

  • Fund your business by yourself if you have enough capital
  • Borrow money from your friend or family
  • You can request for a loan which several banks provide
  • Start a crowdfunding campaign online
  • Find local investors around your area
  • Join any start-up incubator or accelerator programs
  1. Work on your product or service

Start developing on your product or service which were the result of your business idea. To develop your product or service properly follow the checklist below,

  • Get control of your product and keep on teaching yourself constantly
  • Implement checks and balances to minimize the risk
  • Hire specialist if required rather than hiring a generalist
  • Make sure you don’t hire only one person to design your product, hire multiple if required
  • Manage the development of your product in a way that it will minimize the total cost and you will save some money
  1. Build your team

 To grow your business, you will need people to help you. You can hire people of a different skill set to help you in a different section of your business. For a start-up, it’s easier to go for a Virtual Assistant as this will minimize the cost of office, the physical space. Your virtual assistant will assist you in email management, bookkeeping, data entry and can also help you as an administrative assistant.

  1. Start selling your product or service

 As you have set everything now you have to start selling your product or services. So, to sell your product or service follow the tips below;

  • Listen to your customers, they might enlighten you by their feedback.
  • You should ask for a commitment but don’t be a pushover. You shouldn’t feel shy to sell your product or service to your customer, but you shouldn’t be forceful as well otherwise it will act as a negative impact on your business.
  • Don’t take rejection too hardly. You must visit your customers door-to-door but don’t take their rejection hard. People might not be interested at first, this shouldn’t make you upset. Sometimes small rejections act as stepping stone towards your success.
  • Make this a priority. A number of sales are important for small businesses.
  1. Build a website

 After you have launched your product or services you should build a website for your business to reach out to people around the world. A website is the best tool for advertising your product or services. You can investigate a similar site which has a similar business like yours and designs a beautiful, customer engaging site for your business.

  1. Social Media

 Nowadays social media marketing is quite popular. You should open a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, Instagram accounts and several other accounts in different social media platform to reach out to more customers.

The social media platform makes it easier to reach potential prospect customers and the whole world is the platform for your business. It’s hectic and overwhelming to manage so many customers at different platforms at once. You could hire a Virtual Assistant who will manage your social media as well as your prospecting customers

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the traditional but the best way of marketing your business. It’s the best tool to reach out to current and prospective customers. By email marketing, you can easily attract different types of customers all over the world. It would be hectic to manage your business as well as email marketing on your own

  1. Customer Support

 As you have set your business to reach out to your potential customers, you need to take care for the customer support. After all, business is nothing without the customers. They might have several types of queries regarding your product or services. It’s important to deal with every single person carefully until their satisfaction.

Focus on goal

Building and managing a small business is quite frantic. Sometimes you might get off track by focusing on other areas. But you shouldn’t. You should fully focus on the goal of your small business. To get the desired result that you are looking for you will need constant focus on your goal and aim towards it.

To achieve a great result complete focus is required. You should know what your small business will look like within 10 years. You should have such vision and goals to have a better result in your business.

  1. Crucial job for the business founder

Have you ever thought what is the most crucial job for the owner of the business? Is it handling potential customers? Increasing sales of the business? Managing your team properly? Well, all of these is required but the most important job is to set a vision for your business and constantly moving towards it.

Without a vision, you won’t know what to do next. To keep up with the pace of your competitors you should set achieving goals for your business. Engage your team as well, this will boost up their confidence and it will help you to reach your goal sooner than you have imagined.

  1. Set a strategy

With vision, you should also set a great strategy for your business. You should always plan your vision. Remember the best strategy will help you to survive in the marketplace whereas your competitor’s business might even fall off the chart without proper strategy which they have missed. Make a list to make sure which issues needs to be sorted out to grow your business. Prioritize between the issues, this will help to grow your team as well as your business.

  1. Take Small Steps

 Remember to take small steps at a time. Don’t try to rush between things. Follow the strategies you have planned, focus on the list of issues that needs to be worked on, focus on your vision and move accordingly.


It’s definitely a great opportunity to start a small business on your own to serve society and make it a better place. But remember you always need to focus on the goal, strategies you have set for your business. I hope this article has helped you to make your small business into much better than it was and that’s the result that you have been looking for.

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