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Why Email Marketing Is So Important for Your Company and How to Stay on Top of the Competition

Business advertising has gone beyond the traditional way of doing things through TV, newspapers, and radio. Most people prefer to have the advert sent to their mobile devices where they can access it through emails so they can view wherever and whenever they choose to. Also, customers get to choose to subscribe or unsubscribe to your mailing lists.

These are a few flexibilities offered by email marketing which makes them one of the most important marketing channels for the company that wants to stay on top of the competition.

Top 5 Reasons for Email Marketing Effectiveness

The following top 5 reasons for the effectiveness of email marketing is backed with statistics and will encourage you to invest more time and resources in sending email content.

  1. Email helps business owners communicate with their mobile customers.

One of the reasons for the importance of email marketing to business owners is because of its ease in communicating with consumers on mobile with little or no investment in new software or technology. A report was published by Pew Research Center which concludes that among the population of US cellphone owners, a significant 52 percent read their emails on their mobile phones. Aside from the use of mobile phones for accessing emails, other mobile devices can be used.

According to another research by Forrester, it was discovered that about 42 percent of email messages received by consumers were accessed via smartphones while 17 percent were accessed via tablets. The implication of this is that almost 3 out of every 5 marketing emails received serve the purpose of mobile marketing. Marketing via email is quite preferable and yield better results than SMS because:

  • It works on other types of mobile devices and not basic phones alone.
  • Consumers access emails free of charge while texting in some cases may incur a few charges.
  • Emails can accommodate more content than SMS thereby making it an ideal marketing piece.
  1. It effectively helps to keep customers informed.

Email marketing approach yields great results and helps improve the connection between consumers and business owners. Consumers often look forward to the latest marketing promotions from their favored products and local stores. Marketing statistics report from Nielsen shows that 28 percent of online shoppers in the US subscribe to receive product emails so that they will stay well informed about the brand.

Another study from Loyalty 360 has it that close to 60 percent of moms in the US would sign up to receive updates via email from brands if there are rewards to be offered. And to deliver such content, you can use email marketing effectively.

A study conducted by the Relevancy Group in 2013 has it that marketer who includes videos to their marketing emails record an average of 40 percent increase in revenue. Email marketing makes business owners offer great value to customers through staying connected.

  1. Email coupons boost online and in-store sales.

The study from Nielsen also noted that about 27 percent of online shoppers in the US subscribe for email notifications so that they can save some money. This inference is reiterated by recent data collated by Deloitte which found that 65 percent of consumers are of the belief that email coupon is vital for their online grocery shopping.

Likewise, reports that a lot (64 percent) of internet users in the US Internet have at one time or the other printed a coupon through an email. Although consumers are seeking ways to save money, it could benefit the business owners too in the way of increased revenue.

E-coupons are massively becoming a lucrative business all thanks to email marketing. The amount of used mobile coupons is projected to double within the next five years to spread to over 1 billion people.

Email marketing is seen as a smart way in which the ever-increasing population of online bargain hunters can be reached. This strategy is already being exploited by the big brands.

  1. Customizing and integration are easy with other marketing tactics.

The email marketing adaptability to different demographics and audience is another great reason for marketers to keep an eye on using this tactic for their marketing campaign. Email marketing messages can be varied from simple to extremely complex based on the email database variation and the content creator’s skill.

One can personalize emails to include the user name and even the contents. 139 marketers were sampled by Retention Science, and it was found that there are varieties of personalization tactics used by websites which can also be employed to email.

Nearly 50 percent of online retailers in the US rely on the use of personalized product recommendations; about 30 percent include the customer’s name or with a unique welcome message and over 25 percent added a shopping cart reminder to cap off their personalization mail. You can also include email marketing to any other marketing tactic, thereby making it an integral part of any joint marketing campaign.

  1. Email marketing cost less.

To wrap up the points about why you should use email marketing, you need to know that it’s easy to use, very effective, and doesn’t cost much. With email marketing, business owners can communicate with a vast amount of consumers for a meagre amount per message. Email marketing is especially useful and smart for small-business owners who don’t have the financial arsenal to advertise on marketing channels like radio, TV, or direct mail.

The bottom line is that though the email might seem like an old style, it’s still a viable one. Getting started with email marketing is quite easy, and there is absolutely no reason why business owners shouldn’t be making use of this tactic to their competitive advantage.

There are no doubt business owners get extremely busy handling their day to day business running and combining it with email marketing. However, they can hire the services of virtual assistants especially skilled in handling email marketing.

Email Marketing Tasks your Virtual Assistant can help with

When it comes to email marketing for your business, a virtual assistant can play the role of a “spare tire” or can be used as the “main tire”. What do I mean? I mean that you can partly assign the task of mail marketing to your virtual assistant or solely rely on his expertise to help boost your email marketing campaign.

Below are some of the tasks you can hire your virtual assistant to do for you as regards to your email marketing campaign.

  1. Upload Email Addresses and Names

A Virtual assistant helps business to upload the email addresses culled signups done on the website and upload same on spreadsheets. This, in turn, makes it easy for the VA to manage your businesses emails.

  1. Template Creation

Creating an email template can go a long way to determine how effective a marketing email can be. Deciding on the ideal communication layout for your email marketing campaign can be outsourced to your virtual assistant. The virtual assistant skilled in this area will help to choose attractive templates which will be consistent and relatable with your proposed audience.

  1. Craft the Ideal Text

Virtual assistant skilled in content creation can help businesses choose the ideal message for your audience to accentuate your brand and business offerings.

  1. Add Powerful Visuals

A virtual assistant with skill in graphics and images alongside their content writing skill can be useful for your email to become more attractive to your audience.

  1. Send and Schedule Mails

You can schedule and send emails to your audience based on the frequency set and marketing needs. Note that your audience like it when you have a set time to send emails as they will be expecting your next email at the same time as previous ones. This is a task that your virtual assistant can help you do.

  1. Carry out market research and Summary

There is the option of analytics which helps businesses to keep track of emails sent, received and read. Some of the terms include click-through rates, bounce rates, subscription rates and all other terms associated with email marketing. All this information is compared to the competitor’s rate to measure email marketing success, and these can be done with the aid of a virtual assistant.

  1. Help with Supportive Tasks

Your VA can help with project management and execution. They can help to manage your emails by using templates within systems like MailChimp, ConvertKit, Infusionsoft, Drip, and other related systems.

Newsletter template design has to do with every aspect of an email such as bold words, italics, numbering, bullets, headings, line spacing, paragraphs, image sourcing and adding the hyperlink.

It also entails writing about certain products, event or promotions and email testing before sending out. When it comes to sending and automating emails, you need to ensure the right details are entered and subject lines are correct for all prospective clients. All these are what a virtual assistant ensures are well done.

  1. Managing Flow of Email

With a thorough grasp of how email marketing software works, virtual assistants can enhance the processes, plot content, incorporate the systems and take on key email marketing tasks.

From email sequence planning for each product to testing and enhancing the delivery of email and its impact, several steps need to be taken to make email marketing effective. All these are tasks that the virtual assistant helps to manage effectively.

  1. Offer Consultancy service in marketing

Hiring a virtual assistant especially skilled in understanding marketing dynamics will go long ways in helping you stay on course with your marketing goals via email marketing.

Your VA will help you create a segmented list for your email, set up sequence and automation roles compare two emails using the A/B method. Whatever your needs are concerning your email marketing you can count on your virtual assistant to get it done professionally.


Email marketing is a viable tool for customer retention and winning a new customer and as such should be taken seriously.

You can’t achieve this alone, especially if you don’t have a full-time staff assigned to the role of email marketing, then you could hire a virtual assistant to oversee this important aspect of your business.

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