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I am a highly resourceful, flexible, innovative, and enthusiastic individual who possesses a considerable amount of knowledge regarding administrative and office procedures. I am a quick learner who can absorb new ideas, also I am experienced in coordinating, planning and organizing a wide range of administrative activities. I am well organized and an excellent team player with a proven ability to work proactively in a complex and busy office environment. Now I am helping small companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and develop their potential.

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January 2017 – Present

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Oct 2016 – Feb 2017
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Best-Assistant UK (Polina) is very reliable and responsive, which I count on to keep my operations running smoothly. I am so grateful for your amazing job! Thank you, you are the best!

Edward Abbey


Polina provides high-quality service and always tries to solve problems as they come up. Working with Polina (Best-Assistant UK) is fun, easy and safe. I could rely on her completely, and she would prove her professionalism.

Hank Aaron


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A best virtual assistant helps with time and daily management, scheduling of meetings, correspondence, and note taking. The role of a best assistant can be varied, such as answering phone calls, scheduling meetings, emailing, texts etc.

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Security Alert: How to Keep Your Passwords Safe

This is no longer major news that passwords have significantly great value to cybercriminals monetarily. The essence of using a secure, rare password increases as you entrust a large amount of personal pieces of information to most business and organization that becomes a victim of leaked password and data breaches. Though, there might be little that can be done to avoid a large-scale data breach. You can be cautious by ensuring the use of secure username and passwords for every one of your online accounts

How to Create a Strong Password

Follow these steps to craft unique, complicated passwords.

  • Do not use any personal information

One major mistake is when you make use of the name of any of your family members, pets or your name in your passwords. Do not make use of numbers such as phone numbers, address, birthdays, etc. These can be available publicly on forms that you fill on social media profiles which can be accessed easily by the cybercriminals.

  • Do not use real words

Passwords cracking tools are efficient at assisting attackers in speculating passwords. This program can process all words in the dictionary including number and letter combination until a match has been discovered. Be guided using certain words from the dictionary or suited nouns or names. Instead, use unique characters by adding together lowercase and uppercase letters with numbers and unique characters like “&” or “$,” you can enhance how complex your passwords and assist in decreasing the chances of someone hacking into your system potentially.

  • Create longer passwords

The longer the password, the harder it might be difficult to crack. Try at least ten characters.

  • Modify easy phrases to remember quickly

One step to think about a passphrase such as a line from a song and then take every first letter from each word, replacing numbers of few of the letters. Example, “100 Bottles of beer on the Wall” becoming “10oBb0tW”.

  • Do not write them down

Oppose the temptation of keeping passwords under your keyboard or do not post them in your computer. Stories about cybercriminals getting the password by checking through the trash which is also called dumpster-diving are undoubtedly true. Whenever you type your secret codes in a public place ensure that there is no one watching or trying to gawp at what you are doing. One method of storing and remembering your secret code is to preserve a list of every username and passwords in an encrypted manner. Few of the tools known as password managers will even assist you by automatically filling every information for you on some websites.

  • Change your secret codes regularly

The secret codes for each of your financial accounts should be routinely changed either every month or quarterly. Computer login should be changed at least quarterly, using the same password for an extended period can put every information you have at risk if a data breach occurs.

  • Use several passwords on various occasions

Do not use the same password for more than one account. If a hacker cracks one of it, then every information protected by that same secret code will also be compromised. Make use of a password generator such as Norton Identity Safe to assist in creating a rare and strong password.

  • Make sure you do not type your secret code on networks or devices that you do not have control over

Do not try using the same password on someone’s else computer, and it can be stored even without your prior knowledge. Whenever you are using your device on public wi-fi, you should prevent visiting any website that will need you to log in to your accounts like online shopping and banking. When you are on an insecure public network, your unencrypted data can be connected to by a close hacker. To secure yourself from threats like this, you should also make use of a virtual private network (VPN) such as Norton Secure VPN, whenever you are using a public wi-fi connection.

Best Ways to Store Passwords Safely

Best Ways to Store Passwords Safely

If you are using several passwords for every site and applications that you have signed up for (and you really should), there are other combinations of letters and numbers you can store or keep in your head immediately. The good thing is that there are so many tools that can be used to remember all your passwords and keep them for you. There are five easy one to use.

From password managers to two-factor authentication, there are few methods you can use to keep your online passwords secure.

  • Choose Strong Passwords

Whenever you are using the same password simultaneously, you are putting yourself at high risk if there is any breach in any of your services. All it takes for the cybercriminals are to continuously try the secret code and email combination in several other, and you can end up losing much more than the few minutes it will take you to change your passwords presently. Therefore, select a rare password like a phrase and use a combination of letters, symbols, numbers and upper case letters to make sure that it is complex to guess.

  • Password Managers

It seems contrary to the intuition that you will preserve all your passwords in a particular place. Anyways, if a hacker manages to get every of your login particulars for that account, you will be open to having all swiped in instantly but security professionals suggest password managers like the 1password, Dashlane, and LastPass preserve every login details secured.

These services are mostly big encrypted vault that keeps every necessary detail for you. There are some reasons for this. First of all, it is straightforward to think of a strong expert password and remember it than have several passwords for all single accounts. Some service will also recommend randomized passwords and keep them in your accounts so the chance of a hacker guessing your login details will be minimal. Secondly, making use of a password all over again is known to be less secure with the chance that one of the services might be compromised more higher than a breach in password manager applications. You can also start a two-factor authentication using some password manager too that might ask for either a code through SMS or an authentication application before you will be able to get access to any of your information.

  • Use your browser

Every recent browser has some easy password management system that is developed in them. For example, using Chrome browser, it is in the settings pane behind the advanced settings and password managers; In Firefox, look beneath the security tabs in the options page; Opera, Safari and Microsoft edge also possess similar developed tools inside their respective settings.

What’s more, the mobile version of this application carries the same secret code and login to your phones. Using the latest version of Android, for example, some applications can tap into some of the secured passwords (therefore the Netflix application can take your password directly from chrome). If you want to see every password that Google/Chrome has stored for you, then open the page.

If you want to use your browsers joint password-saving abilities, be certain that your computer or mobile user account is secured with a secured code or master pin; otherwise, anyone that sits down with your device will have the access directly to your Gmail, Facebook or every site that you have made the login enabled automatically.

  • 1Password

1Password covers IOS, Android, Mac, and Windows and will set you back for $5 every month or a one-time fee for $64.99 (there is a little difference between the two choices that will be made). If you want to give it a try, there is always a free trial available for desktop. To its credit, it is fast, clean and it preserves your important login credentials behind the super strong AES-256 bit encryption. Browsers extensions are effectual for Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari to allow you login to the website that you use most with just a single click and on mobile, you can decide to have a fingerprint preserve your details secure instead of a master password. If you are trapped for some password inspiration then try using 1password, it will help secure one for you.

It can save much more than passwords; you can save notes, credit cards, bank account details, router login codes and more inside the digital vaults that 1passwords installs. It is easy enough for anyone to use and give you the option of keeping your details kept locally in a particular device or syncing them across the various trusted device.

  • Dashlane

Dashlane can remember your passwords, fill the online forms and serve as a digital wallet also. What’s more, it is free, although you can sign up for premium accounts ($39.99/year) to get web access to your secret code vault and sync your login information across several devices. Dashlane works across Window, Mac, every main browser, IOS, and Android.

Logging is straightforward and fast no matter the type of platform that you happen to be on, and dashlane will assist in remembering every multiple logins for you if it is necessary. There is also a handy one-click password changer in case you want to change your details after a certain period (or in the wake of a great security breach anywhere in the web).

AES-256 bit encryption preserves your data safe from every prying eye and also the security dashboard characteristics that rate your ‘password health’ (or specifically how easy it is to crack your accounts and passwords). There is also a password generator included and choice to keep your information stored in one machine or synced across various devices simultaneously.

  • LastPass

LastPass is always at the top of every password manager round-ups, and it is not hard to see why. It is spontaneous, free and elegant to make use of when you only require it in a machine (unlimited sync on an unlimited device is also available for about $12/year). It can be safely stored in notes as well as passwords like the other two programs that have been discussed.

  • Two-step Verification

You should switch to two-step verification on every account that function along with it if you haven’t already. It includes an additional layer of protection when your details are used on a new device so that an intruder will require more than your username and password. That something additional is particularly a code sent to a reliable mobile number that you have previously installed or a code that is gotten by an authenticator program that stays on your phone. It is not perfect, and it is a bit inconvenient if you sign into so many devices constantly, but it is worth the effort to include some extra protection in which Google made it very simple.

Every password managers that have been discussed support two-step verification (which is sometimes referred to as two-step authentication or two-factor verification) so you can quickly log in normally even when the additional security layer is in place.

Not sure what type of password protection to choose for your business?

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Why the Boring Paperwork Is the Most Important Part of Your Business

A successful business comprises of fun and boring stuff. Among the boring stuff a business person has to deal with is paperwork. In this article, you will see the reasons why the boring paperwork is an essential part of your business and how to manage it effectively.

The Boring Paperwork Your Business Should Have

UK Best Assistant

  1. Employee Manual

The importance of documentation in business cannot be overemphasized when dealing with employees expectations. Where there is no laid down rule and mode of doing things, then any act carried out by the employee is believed to be right.

A serious organization that aims to make a profit and achieve its goals needs to have a predetermined set of rules and policies written down for its employees to work with.

An employee upon assumption of duty in the company needs to have a manual which contains all the pros and cons which they must agree to by appending their signatures. The employee is expected to keep the manual while the employer retains the signed forms. This is one of the most essential but boring paperwork of a business.

  1. New Hire Packets

Your employees need to be given an organized file, for instance, the “New employee file.” This should contain employee handbook, any required state documentation such as social security cards, driver’s license, etc. This file enables you to keep proper track of your employee.

  1. Procedures

Each business possesses something’s they are notable for which is peculiar to their companies and which needs to be carried out in a certain way. This may indicate what the industry prefers or what is applicable. Some of the procedures that may require paperwork include hiring, discipline, handling of cash, branding, marketing, etc.

  1. Disciplinary Policies

Not all businesses need to have official paperwork for disciplinary policies. However, fast food business such as restaurants or retail store will need this paperwork more often than others.

Make a well-documented list of disciplinary measures and include it to your employee manual. Whether you are a business owner or an employee, it’s always great to have what to stick to and know your boundary as regards to official duties. Everyone within the organization should know the set punishment for their actions whenever they cross the line.

  1. Invoicing

Find a way to keep track of your stocks (both those coming in and those going out). Through this, you will have a well-organized invoice and help you to curb avoidable loss. It also helps to reduce the stress associated with any form of payment.

  1. Inventory

Inventory is critical though it can be so dull having to deal with extensive and voluminous inventory paperwork. Most restaurants and other businesses that make a consistent purchase and use of items need to take inventory very serious.

Several businesses have lost a great deal of money from the inability to keep track of their inventory. You don’t need a very complicated list; neither do you need to buy the software. You could create an excel file on your computer, create columns and rows where you can enter your inventory records per week, twice a month or monthly based on your preference. This is an effective stress saving and cost-saving measure.

  1. Checklists

Do ensure your checklists are well documented so employees and managers can work with it once they have been trained and hired. Checklists are long exhaustive lists of the things you need to do or put in place for the effective running of your business. Set expectations, a timeline for achievement and a routine for your employee to know what is expected of them. A checklist is important paperwork that needs to be done if you want your business to be well organized and productive.

  1. Accounting

This could be a bit broad because each company has its peculiar needs and characteristics. For instance, some business may need just pure profit and loss documentation while others may have a more considerable amount of cash inflow that requires more sophisticated software.

However, both scenarios need proper documentation to keep track of cash inflow and outflow. Proper accounting paperwork also helps each person or department in the business to know their account goals and if they are meeting those goals. It could be done monthly or quarterly.

To enhance your business, I would recommend that you look at getting the aforementioned boring paperwork for your business.

Tips To Keep Your Paperwork under Control

There are several jobs with boring but essential paperwork such that if they aren’t done your business risks making a loss. What are your plans towards organizing the massive amount of paperwork that accumulates around businesses? Paperless office, right!

Firstly, you need to understand that we have lots of people who perform excellently well in paperwork while others are crappy at it.  You need to know where you stand and how best to improve your ability to do the boring paperwork. Below are tips for handling your tedious paperwork and enhancing your business growth.

Improve Your Business

  1. Print only when it’s necessary to do so.

If you need to print out your paperwork for further action, then ensure you keep records of it either by saving it in your mailbox before printing out. Don’t bother printing it out if it will just lie idle and litter the table. You can create a particular folder on your computer for articles of interest which are not necessary to have a hard copy of it.

  1. Choose a specific weekday to deal with tedious but relevant paperwork.

Discipline yourself on this; don’t get distracted as you set aside time for tasks like this. For instance, you can choose to pay your bills every Monday while you use the Tuesday to file all your paperwork for 30 minutes.

  1. Keep a small notebook on your work desk.

Start your day with a concise list of to-do lists and activities. Ensure you include one or two tedious but essential paperwork. You might add other things into your lists, but the to-do list takes center stage.

  1. Break tasks into bits and group them as much as you can

Most times we are often encumbered and distracted such that we hardly focus on one task at a time. However, setting aside a deadline to complete the SAME type of job will go a long way to help with tiresome paperwork. For instance, you can pile up a bunch of paperwork to do between 2-4pm before the closing of work.

  1. Simply do something.

Paperwork can quickly snowball, and this is its primary problem. Within a minute you are on top of the situation, and in another minute you can’t be seen behind the heaps of paper. You could easily ignore it, but that could lead to more mess created. Simply pick tedious paperwork, set a short time frame for yourself and START.

  1. Avoid distractions.

Avoid opening emails, chats or other distracting devices till you have completed the set task. Avoid turning on the computer unless it’s relevant to the task at hand hence necessary to do so.

  1. Ensure everything is well kept.

Get shelves to adequately store your files and folders to prevent it from littering your desk and making it look disorganized. Buy paper clips, staplers and other stationeries that will make your paperwork look organized.

  1. Consider outsourcing some of your paperwork tasks.

Are you so weak with paperwork that you often procrastinate for days before getting a task done? Have you tried to dig in deep to find the right inspiration to turn your tedious paperwork to something delightful? Then you need to seriously consider outsourcing your business paperwork task to a competent professional. This could be one of the best decisions you will make for your business growth and profitability.

If you are a startup business, it may be difficult to justify these expenses, so you need to find cost-saving ways to do your paperwork. However, as the business grows, you might need to seriously consider virtual assistants who love to do the paperwork you find so dull.

  1. Educate yourself.

Constant improvement is one of the ways you can overcome the boring paperwork stuff. For instance, take courses online on Microsoft Excel, do a typing practice, financial accounting and bookkeeping. You can also try out some classes on project administration; learn how to keep financial paperwork, and other related skills.

  1. Understand that the size of your paperwork is dependent on the size of your business, so it’s crucial you set up some systems now.

As your business expands so do the need for paperwork and you could spend hours with business administration duties. So, it will be great to start up your business with the right plan for the timely execution of all admin tasks and paperwork. Focus on the whole aspect of your business especially the boring ones like paperwork which is essential for your business growth.

With all these tips I believe you will solve all the paperwork issues you might be facing in your business.

Do you still need a helping hand with the “boring stuff”?

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Are you afraid to set-up a new business? Take these simply steps and change your life!

Are you planning to start a small business on your own and you are too confused and puzzled what to do? Are you confused that whether your education background will be a hurdle to your business? There is no limit to start a small business on your own. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you can become a great entrepreneur by implementing your idea and turning it into a great business.

Below I will provide all the simple steps that you need to take to start your small business.

  1. Assess yourself

You need to ask yourself the most basic questions to evaluate yourself properly. What is your main motive to start your business? Use the below questions to assess yourself properly.

  • What set of skills you have?
  • What is your passion in life?
  • Figure out your area of expertise
  • Do you have enough money to start your business?
  • How much money you will need to start your business?
  • Are you mentally prepared to be an entrepreneur?

Just be honest to yourself, to figure out yourself. Your goal, ambition, passion to understand who you really are. Are you fully prepared to take the step both mentally and physically? These basic questions will create a perfect base for you to push yourself moving forward towards your goal.

  1. Know your business idea

Are you sure you have a great business idea prepared? If so, well that’s great!! If not follow the points below to figure out your business idea.

  • Question yourself what is coming next. Which technology or business model you need to know to polish your idea. Can you push yourself ahead of other competitive business ideas?
  • Fix a problem that bothers you. It’s definitely a great opportunity to solve a problem in society that has been bothering you for quite a long time. If it bothered you, then it bothered other people as well. So, if you can think of a great idea behind this type of problem then it’s worth it. All your consumers would be grateful to you.
  • Introduce your skill set to a totally new track. Most of the people in the field of business follow a certain rule that has always been followed by the people on the same track. You can introduce your new ideas to the track which will bring a noticeable difference that others can see it as well.
  • Use a reasonable, improved and economical approach. If you have a completely new business idea which will bring a much reasonable, improved and economical solution to the current problem than go for it.

You can also carry out a survey and take peoples opinion. This will give you better data and a new approach to your business idea.

  1. Market research

Doing market research is important to figure out how your idea will turn out to society. You should start your research by figuring out your potential competitors, partners within the market. You can start your research both online and physical or you could hire a Virtual Assistant to help you out.


Feedbacks from customers are quite crucial for small business. You need customers to interact with your product or services and understand their opinions. Their feedback might help you to improve your product in a way you have never thought of.

Just follow the steps below to handle the feedbacks properly.

  • Don’t race your mind when you go through the feedbacks. Calm down and slowly process the feedback in your mind. It will be handy for you later.
  • Even if you receive negative feedback just be polite. The customer might be amazed, and he/she might refer more customers to you. Your behavior could lead to more potential customers.
  • If someone is not liking your idea, don’t be disheartened. Instead keep on asking questions to the customers, what they might prefer. Maybe it will help you to come up to a better solution than what you have designed.
  • If you keep hearing similar feedback from several customers, don’t panic. Try to find out a similar pattern that your customers are trying to tell you.
  • Whenever a customer is giving you feedback be attentive and curious to keep the conversation livelier.
  • Keep asking questions to your customers. They might give you a better solution to your product that you have been looking for
  1. Make your business official

 Sort out all the requirements that are required to start a small business. Make a quick checklist and go through it. Filing up paperwork for your business will require money as well. The cost may vary on the location where you might set up the office.

  1. Look for finance

 To start your small business, you need investors. Follow the below points to finance your business according to your circumstances.

  • Fund your business by yourself if you have enough capital
  • Borrow money from your friend or family
  • You can request for a loan which several banks provide
  • Start a crowdfunding campaign online
  • Find local investors around your area
  • Join any start-up incubator or accelerator programs
  1. Work on your product or service

Start developing on your product or service which were the result of your business idea. To develop your product or service properly follow the checklist below,

  • Get control of your product and keep on teaching yourself constantly
  • Implement checks and balances to minimize the risk
  • Hire specialist if required rather than hiring a generalist
  • Make sure you don’t hire only one person to design your product, hire multiple if required
  • Manage the development of your product in a way that it will minimize the total cost and you will save some money
  1. Build your team

 To grow your business, you will need people to help you. You can hire people of a different skill set to help you in a different section of your business. For a start-up, it’s easier to go for a Virtual Assistant as this will minimize the cost of office, the physical space. Your virtual assistant will assist you in email management, bookkeeping, data entry and can also help you as an administrative assistant.

  1. Start selling your product or service

 As you have set everything now you have to start selling your product or services. So, to sell your product or service follow the tips below;

  • Listen to your customers, they might enlighten you by their feedback.
  • You should ask for a commitment but don’t be a pushover. You shouldn’t feel shy to sell your product or service to your customer, but you shouldn’t be forceful as well otherwise it will act as a negative impact on your business.
  • Don’t take rejection too hardly. You must visit your customers door-to-door but don’t take their rejection hard. People might not be interested at first, this shouldn’t make you upset. Sometimes small rejections act as stepping stone towards your success.
  • Make this a priority. A number of sales are important for small businesses.
  1. Build a website

 After you have launched your product or services you should build a website for your business to reach out to people around the world. A website is the best tool for advertising your product or services. You can investigate a similar site which has a similar business like yours and designs a beautiful, customer engaging site for your business.

  1. Social Media

 Nowadays social media marketing is quite popular. You should open a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, Instagram accounts and several other accounts in different social media platform to reach out to more customers.

The social media platform makes it easier to reach potential prospect customers and the whole world is the platform for your business. It’s hectic and overwhelming to manage so many customers at different platforms at once. You could hire a Virtual Assistant who will manage your social media as well as your prospecting customers

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the traditional but the best way of marketing your business. It’s the best tool to reach out to current and prospective customers. By email marketing, you can easily attract different types of customers all over the world. It would be hectic to manage your business as well as email marketing on your own

  1. Customer Support

 As you have set your business to reach out to your potential customers, you need to take care for the customer support. After all, business is nothing without the customers. They might have several types of queries regarding your product or services. It’s important to deal with every single person carefully until their satisfaction.

Focus on goal

Building and managing a small business is quite frantic. Sometimes you might get off track by focusing on other areas. But you shouldn’t. You should fully focus on the goal of your small business. To get the desired result that you are looking for you will need constant focus on your goal and aim towards it.

To achieve a great result complete focus is required. You should know what your small business will look like within 10 years. You should have such vision and goals to have a better result in your business.

  1. Crucial job for the business founder

Have you ever thought what is the most crucial job for the owner of the business? Is it handling potential customers? Increasing sales of the business? Managing your team properly? Well, all of these is required but the most important job is to set a vision for your business and constantly moving towards it.

Without a vision, you won’t know what to do next. To keep up with the pace of your competitors you should set achieving goals for your business. Engage your team as well, this will boost up their confidence and it will help you to reach your goal sooner than you have imagined.

  1. Set a strategy

With vision, you should also set a great strategy for your business. You should always plan your vision. Remember the best strategy will help you to survive in the marketplace whereas your competitor’s business might even fall off the chart without proper strategy which they have missed. Make a list to make sure which issues needs to be sorted out to grow your business. Prioritize between the issues, this will help to grow your team as well as your business.

  1. Take Small Steps

 Remember to take small steps at a time. Don’t try to rush between things. Follow the strategies you have planned, focus on the list of issues that needs to be worked on, focus on your vision and move accordingly.


It’s definitely a great opportunity to start a small business on your own to serve society and make it a better place. But remember you always need to focus on the goal, strategies you have set for your business. I hope this article has helped you to make your small business into much better than it was and that’s the result that you have been looking for.

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